Economy Panels vs Higher Efficiency — Which Solar Panels are Best for You?

Solar panels have three categories — Economy, Standard, and Premium.

Economy is the bottom of the barrel, standard is the middle of the road, and premium is, well — premium. The quality of panels you get are really dependent on your financial needs, how much energy you’re using, and what your local solar company is able to offer you based on these factors and what they have available. We’ve broken down the pros and cons for you by category — but unless you really need to get the lowest or highest quality possible, standard is probably your best bet for your electricity needs.


Economy panels work for homeowners on a tight budget, and works for solar leases and solar power purchase agreements. Unfortunately, though, these panels may not perform as well as standard or premium panels and do not help up as well over time. Warranties on economy panels are often shorter than others. In many scenarios, they get the job done, but chances are you’ll need to upgrade at some point.


Standard panels are still very affordable, and proven to be a safe choice for standard energy needs. These panels perform well in most scenarios, and are the most popular installed panel in the United States. Warranty support is decent as they are compliant with quality and durability standards so they hold up longer. These panels typically have very good power ratings and reasonable performance efficiency.


Premium is the “Ferrari” of solar panels. They often exceed most, if not all, compliance standards for quality and durability. These panels generate more electricity than standard panels, so are recommended if you have limited roof space and want to get the most energy production possible. While they may be a higher price upfront (or projected on your monthly bill), you can see better return on investment with these than any other type of panels. With the higher price, you consider their most exceptional performance, quality, durability, and top notch warranty coverage with these panels.


For the average homeowner, the best bet is to go”middle of the road” with standard panels.

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