Monitoring Your Home Solar System

When deciding on a solar power system, understanding how it works can be beneficial while you’re choosing the right provider. You can reference the steps to how the energy is generated with this interactive guide, but that’s general overview of the science behind installing a solar power system that offsets your regular electricity, with AC current converting into DC currents. Unless you’re an electrician or engineer, this may not mean much to you besides the concept of net metering, which helps your build a bank of credits with your utility company when your system overproduces.

Most solar installation companies now offer complimentary monitoring and maintenance, which allows off site monitoring technicians the ability to identify an issue with energy production. Chances are, these technicians are able to correct the issue before you even realize your solar power system isn’t performing to its utmost potential. This is a great customer-facing feature, in addition to lowering your electric bill and reducing your carbon footprint —but what if you were able to have more control over your own system and achieve a better understanding of your actual energy production?

Some companies are now deploying a monitoring technology to conveniently empower their customers with control over viewing their energy usage from the palm of their hand — literally. Personalized dashboards are created for each homeowner to track their kilowatt (electricity) usage in real-time, as well as view their system details, run reports on past usage, and other helpful facts, all while utilizing cellular-based monitoring. In the age of smart phones, this is an amazing advancement in solar power technology throughout the consumer marketplace. Customers are able to download the app to their smartphone or access it through a website on their computers, so the data is easily accessible at any time. We can help connect you with companies that offer this level of customer service as well as optimal savings for your home. Take control over your energy usage!

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