Why Big Energy Companies Hate Solar Customers

There are a lot of amazing opportunities that the ITC (Solar Investment Tax Credit) created for homeowners throughout the country, much to the dismay of large utility companies. You’d think these companies would be in unanimous support of cleaner energy resources, and maybe even investing in them, but this is not completely the case. Power companies have market and political power over the energy system over the last several decades, while solar was still considered an “experimental technology.” Consider that in the 20th century, literally the only power options were generated in large power plants that sent transmission lines to cities.

Fast forward to today, and solar companies can now harness solar power from rooftops and fields with real-time monitoring technology controlled by smartphone apps. We are no longer stuck with an archaic form of energy — if we don’t want to be. And power companies hate that; they hate that everyday Americans can elect to generate alternative forms of electricity because it threatens their business model.

Back in the 20th century, bigger WAS better, because again there was no other option. You couldn’t put a power plant in your backyard. Now customers can take more control over where their energy comes from, and overall, renewables are cheaper. There are a lot of solar companies and installers throughout the country that are able to provide affordable solar to homeowners — and it’s cheaper and cheaper as time goes on, while utility rates from power companies are steadily climbing.

All in all, big energy companies must either adapt to their new wave of energy options, and accept that they’ll start to fade out as renewables continues to rise. Solar is now not only the cheapest form of electricity, but solar employment is at an all time high, meaning more and more Americans have been starting to adopt solar.

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