Why Solar Power Would Be Useful During a Zombie Apocalypse

We live in the era of “The Walking Dead” and “The Zombie Survival Guide” — a best-selling book since its’ publication back in 2003. While we laugh about the possibilities of a real zombie apocalypse, what if we were faced the reality of the real Living Dead? Well, turns out, solar power could literally be a lifesaver in this scenario.

Of course, there are a few initial tips for your own personal survival — using sharp, bladed weapons, guns (only when necessary — so as to not frivolously use up bullets), carrying stocked first aid kits, and wearing tight, fitted clothing that cannot be grabbed by one of the infected. These tactics, at least portrayed by publications dedicated to what they perceive a zombie apocalypse would be, would in theory be the most effective. As these zombie “best practices” are short-term means of survival — what about long term survival?

If you are stuck without any power but can manage to make your way to Boston, “Soofas” are available around the City — solar-powered benches with outlets that allow you to charge your gadgets and help you get in touch with other survivors. This may be a long shot if you are not anywhere near Massachusetts in the Northeast, but it’s an option for any survivors within 50 or so miles.

You may as well prep yourself now by investing in other reasonably priced solar-powered products that are currently available to purchase for camping excursions:

  • Solar charger (to keep your gadgets juiced up!)
  • Solar cooker (to cook food and heat up water)
  • Solar motion sensor (triggers a life to warn you if a zombie wandered into your camp)
  • Solar flashlight (no more fighting over batteries!)
  • Portable solar panels (This would require a vehicle to transport, but portable panels are a game changer; they’re efficient in running refrigerators, charge laptops, run lights, and space heaters).

Read up on these solar panels products online including the reviews — find out which products have the best feedback and then invest for now AND the future. Hopefully you’ll never need them for a zombie apocalypse, but it’s good to be prepared! In the event this actually became an epidemic, you’ll be an expert on how to continue surviving by utilizing the power from the Sun.

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