Why Battery Backups are Completely Overrated

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One (of many) questions a homeowner may have about solar is whether or not they’ll still be tied to the grid — which most homeowners do choose to do because it's convenient and makes the most sense.

If you follow solar industry news, you'll hear about the rise of solar battery backups edging into the mainstream.  Many argue that a solar battery backup is helpful during a power outage — which is true, but overall they don’t work well enough to support your solar power effectively in their high-priced, short lifespan. 

Preventing total power loss, or even just being stuck with a string of overcast days requires not only a lot of battery storage, but a much larger solar system and financial investment than being tied to the grid. This is why the majority of homeowners stay on the grid, as it works the best for the largest demographic — middle class homeowners.

To boot, unless you live in California, the cons of battery storage usually outweigh the pros. In the extremely solar-saturated Sunshine State there is a widely-known and ongoing energy crisis, which allows some room for battery backups to be convenient during brownouts. And when electricity spikes, which is often, stored energy helps residents and business owners financially, and prevents them from having to be tied to the grid. This way, with the intense circumstances unique to the state, Californians can have a lot more control over the price they pay for electricity. 

But if you are not in California and you are worried about what happens when the power goes out, there's other ways to prepare yourself for it. You’d most likely be better off during an outage by purchasing portable solar items like the following common items:

•    Solar-powered generators with battery backups (they come in a variety of sizes depending on what you need to charge)
•    Solar-powered phone and laptop chargers
•    Solar-powered lighting

A lot of these items are reasonably priced without having to worry about the system on your roof – just reap the benefits of a lower monthly billand go on about your day! Until battery efficiences are refined and become an industry standard, yes, it’s overrated in most regions! Due to utility regulations, staying on the grid will always be mainstream. 

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